xn--https-hw3b Xbox Cloud Gaming on Steam Deck

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To set up Xbox Cloud Gaming

  • Press the Steam menu > Power > Switch to Desktop
  • Click the Discover Software Center icon
  • Click the hamburger menu > Internet > Web Browsers
  • Scroll until you find Microsoft Edge Beta and click the install button
  • Back on the Desktop, click the Applications Launcher icon on the bottom left of the taskbar
  • Navigate to Internet
  • Right-click on Microsoft Edge (beta) > Add to Steam
  • In the Add a Game window, scroll to find and select Microsoft Edge (beta)
  • Back in the Applications menu, navigate to System > Konsole
  • Set the override by entering this command in Konsole:
flatpak --user override --filesystem=/run/udev:ro com.microsoft.Edge

On the Desktop, launch Steam

  • Head to your Library and locate Microsoft Edge (beta)
  • Right-click on it > Properties
  • Change the name to Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta)
  • Locate LAUNCH OPTIONS and append the following:
--window-size=1024,640 --force-device-scale-factor=1.25 --device-scale-factor=1.25  --kiosk "https://www.xbox.com/play"
  • To switch the controller layout to Gamepad with touchpad as Mouse
    • Select the gear icon in the top right > Manage > Controller layout
    • Browse the templates and select Gamepad with Mouse Trackpad
    • Head back into Gaming Mode on the Desktop and you are all set to use Xbox Cloud Gaming on your Steam Deck!

Microsoft Xbox Cloud Gaming in Edge with Steam Deck: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/topic/xbox-cloud-gaming-in-microsoft-edge-with-steam-deck-43dd011b-0ce8-4810-8302-965be6d53296