Windows 8 Crash When Browsing

Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Release Preview crashes on some computers. This was experienced on an older laptop Acer 7220 but occurs on newer computers too. The computer freeze without a BSOD but a twisted image. The crash occurs when running the browsers Opera, Google Chrome or Firefox.

This is from Acer 7220 running Windows 8 Release Preview Build 8400 browsing with Google Chrome after some minutes.

It’s hard to say was is the course as Windows 8 is running smooth with Chrome on other computers, it’s a combination of a not final OS release, browser not supporting/update-to-date/compatible with the OS, arbitrary computer, arbitrary hardwares. If you experience these crashs use Internet Explorer as your browser in the preview Windows 8 release and wait for it to come out in a final stable release later this year where it will hopefully be solved.