Windows 8 Activation 0x8007232B DNS Name Does Not xist

When installing Windows 8 you might run into not being able to activate your product key. If you haven’t typed in your key during the installation and trying to activate it in Control -> System and Security -> System -> Windows Actication. The error message:

Windows couldn’t be activated
Go to Control Panel to learn about other ways to activate.
Error code: 0x8007232B
Error description: DNS name does not exists.

If you haven’t typed in your key you can do this:

Open up cmd.exe. Remember to Run as administrator. Then type in

slmgr.vbs -ipk (KEY)

Replace (KEY) with your key.

After a few second for comfirmation it should be successfull if you have typed your key correctly. You’ll get the window above. Windows Script Host. Installed product key (KEY) successfully. This was testes for Windows 8 Enterprise and might work for other versions as well.