Xcode Run Script Permission Denied

Running a script in Xcode while compiling is a great way to have multiple targets with different resource and alike. After adding your script you might run into a permission denied error. You need to add permission to the file. Open up a terminal and navigate to the location of the .sh file. Now use

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Xcode Create Launcher Image

iPhone app got a launcher image to fool the users to think the app starts very quickly. To create this launch image can be create from the Organizer from Xcode. Open Xcode and go to menu Window -> Organizer or the Organizer icon in the topright corner of Xcode. Remember to connect your iPhone to

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Xcode Can’t Remove SplashScreen

In Xcode after doing a ScreenShot in Organizer and pressing “Save as Launch Image” the image does not appear in the Groups and Files / project files. The file do however exist in the project folder if you navigate to it in Finder. To remove it go to your specific Target and select “Build Phases”

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Xcode Autoformat Code

There is no autoformat i Xcode like the one you’ll find i Eclipse. However you can re-indent the code which will realign your code accordingly to the preferences. Editor -> Structure -> Re-Indent or use the shortcut Ctrl + i