Xcode Missing Retina 4 Launch Image

Updating Xcode with SDK 6.0 gives you an error when trying to compile your project. Missing Retina 4 launch image. A launch image named “Default-568@2x.png” is required to run at native resolution on Retina 4 devices. Would you like Xcode to add this image for you? This is solved easily by pressing “Add”. Under Project

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Xcode Add iPad Compatibility

To add iPad compatibility in Xcode do the following: In Xcode 4 after opening select your project in the Project Navigator and select your target. Go to the summary tab and select “Universal” under Devices. For Xcode 3 take look at this blogpost.

Xcode Get The iPhones Language

To get the locale language in your app on iPhone you can use the this example: NSLog(@”localeIdentifier: %@”, [[NSLocale currentLocale] localeIdentifier]); If you running english language on your iPhone you’ll get this output: localeIdentifier: en_GB Other output could be en_US sv_SE da_DK de_DE and so on.

Xcode Unterminated Conditional Directive

When coding in Xcode and using the #ifdef, perhaps from using multiple targets preprocessor macros you might run into this error: Unterminated Conditional Directive This is due to a missing ending. It needs to be balanced with an #endif. Just like the #if statement needs an #endif. So to solve the error the if statement

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Xcode Rename Scheme Name

To rename a scheme name you can do two things. Go to the menu Product -> Edit Scheme… (Cmd + <)   -> Manage Scheme -> Select the Scheme you want to rename. Press return or do a slow double click Now you can rename the scheme name.