Windows 8 Update Standalone Installer Error

Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 8 can be downloaded from Microsoft page: When installing Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 8 this error occurred: Windows Update Standalone Installer ————————— Installer encountered an error: 0x80070003 The system cannot find the path specified. The error was due to the file was placed on shared drive. You’ll have

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Windows 8 npp.6.1.7.Installer.exe

Windows 8 protection screen when installing notepad++. The message: Windows protected your PC. Windows SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk. Publisher: Unknown Publisher App: npp.6.1.6.Installer.exe Notepad++ 6.1.6 runs without any errors in Windows 8

Windows 8 Visual Studio PerfWatson

This is the message you get after Microsoft Visual Studio crashs, this was due to hibernating Windows 8 without closing Visual Studio down first. “Visual Studio has been unresponsive for longer than two seconds.” For more information on this go to the privacy statement

Windows 8 Enable Hibernate

To enable Windows 8 Hibernation option, click battery icon in system tray and then select “More power options.” Select “Choose what the Power buttons do” Select “Change settings that are currently unavailable”. Check Show Hibernate option to enable and click Save Changes. Now you can select hibernate in Windows 8  

Windows 8 Crash When Browsing

Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Release Preview crashes on some computers. This was experienced on an older laptop Acer 7220 but occurs on newer computers too. The computer freeze without a BSOD but a twisted image. The crash occurs when running the browsers Opera, Google Chrome or Firefox. This is from Acer 7220 running Windows 8

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World Of Warcraft In Windows 8

World Of Warcraft is running fine in Windows 8. There are some issues here and there, but this is in the Consumer Preview and Release Preview version of Windows 8. The text sometimes get blurred. This is only experienced when running Windowed and only occurs when resizing the window. There is also some graphic errors

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