Windows 8 Visual Studio PerfWatson

This is the message you get after Microsoft Visual Studio crashs, this was due to hibernating Windows 8 without closing Visual Studio down first. “Visual Studio has been unresponsive for longer than two seconds.” For more information on this go to the privacy statement

Visual Studio Make Selection Uppercase Or Lowercase

In Microsoft Visual Studio you can make a selected code or text uppercase or lowercase by using choosing: Menu: Edit -> Advanced -> Make Uppercase; Edit -> Advanced -> Make Lowercase Command: Edit.MakeUppercase; Edit.MakeLowercase You can also use the following shortcur: Keyboard: CTRL + SHIFT + U (upper); CTRL + U (lower)  

Microsoft Visual Studio Tab Order

When setting the tab orders in Microsoft Visual Studio there’s a very helpful features you should use to make the job easier and it’s called Tab Order. On the View menu, choose Tab Order. The selection mode will be activated on the form and you should see the TabIndex number in the upper left corner.

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