Xcode Autoformat Code

There is no autoformat i Xcode like the one you’ll find i Eclipse. However you can re-indent the code which will realign your code accordingly to the preferences. Editor -> Structure -> Re-Indent or use the shortcut Ctrl + i

Xcode RGB Color Code

When designing in xib files in Xcode you might want to use RGB colors, which can be hard to find. It is possible you just have to know where to look. Select the item you want to set the color code. Then in the toolbar select the color (here it’s the color of a toolbar

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Mac Shortcut To Daskboard Widgets

The shortcut for the showing the Dashboard with Widgets on Mac OS X is Ctrl + (left arrow) To navigate back to desktop is the reverse command Ctrl + (right arrow) You can also use the trackpad by hold three fingers and slide horizontal back and forth.

Synology Play Video

To play a video when logged into your Synology DiskStation the easiest way is to install VLC. How to play: Go the folder where the video is Right-click the video and select play The video will start, using the vlc plugin. Install it from VLC Player (Windows, Linux) or VLC webbrowser-plugin (Mac) Note: When you install VLC Player,

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