Periodic Table of HTML5 Elements

HTML5 got a lot of new cool tags and of course keeping traditional tags like <a> and <div>. To get an overview of all these tags have a look at this cool intuitive periodic table html5 style. Description: “Knowing all the HTML5 elements is important, but listing them out is a bit dry .. organizes the

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Removing Spaces Between Images in HTML

When using images in HTML you might want to remove the white spaces in between. There are two things you should be aware of when using images. First thing is to make sure there is no spaces between the <img> tags. Like in this example there is an unwanted gap between image1 and 2: <img src=”img1.gif”/>

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SourceCode Compressor

When optimizing it can be a good idea to compress (also called minification) your files by removing all unnecessary characters from source code. There are several website which can easily help with that: HTML Compressor JavaScript Compressor CSS Compressor

HTML editor for Eclipse

Eclipse Classic (current version 3.7.2) does not come with HTML editor by default. If you installed Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers it comes with the Web Tools Platform preinstalled. The HTML editor is called Web Page Editor and it can easily be installed if you got Eclipse Classic. To install the Eclipse Web Page editor go

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