Remove A Saved Password In Google Chrome

To remove a saved password in Google Chrome click the wrench icon which appears to the right of the address bar. In the drop down select “Settings”. On the left menu “Settings” should be active. Now click “Show advanced settings…” in the bottom. Navigate to “Password and forms”. Press “Manage saved passwords” and locate the password you

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Chrome Language

To change the Chrome language do the following: Click the Chrome menu  on the browser toolbar. Select Settings. Click Show advanced settings and go to the “Web Content” section. Here are the various settings you can adjust: Further description take a look at this Google guide:

Chrome Enabling Translate Option

To enable or disable the toolbar in Chrome to translate a page into, say English, you can do the following. You might have selected never translate anything, but now wants it back. Do the following: Click the wrench icon  on the browser toolbar. Select Settings. Click Under the hood In the “Languages” section, use the “Offer to translate

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Do Not Save Web Browser History

There are different ways of disabling browser history. You can either temporarily disable or permanent disable it. This goes for most browser. Go into the Tools or Settings and find the privacy tab and find Clear Browsing Data or Delete Browser History. Internet Explorer you can use the shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + Del Safari: Go to the

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