Azure DevOps Pipeline Badge not showing

You’ll like to have a cool badge from Azure Pipelines like this But it doesn’t show and a no-image is displayed This could be because you have renamed you’re pipeline. Microsoft DevOps Pipeline has an error where the updated badge link doesn’t work from “Status Badge” You get the sample markdown looking similar to this:

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C# WPF run a function every second

To run a function every second use the DispatcherTimer Class DispatcherTimer will tick evey second calling dispatcherTimer_Tick. You can set the interval with a timespan

AWS Lambda – name ‘Key’ is not defined

When going through the example from I ran into the following error message: The error come from this line The issue was that I was only importing boto3, this is not enough. Guess I have to read the whole tutorial. You’ll have to add the following import.