Make Chrome Behave As A Mobile Browser By Changing The User Agent

Making your browser behave like a mobile browser can be helpful sometimes, this can easily be done by changing the user agent. This tools can also be helpful if you’re a developer and you want to test a site in different environment. In the past you had to install an extension.

Chrome have included a very powerful developer tools and even Internet Explorer has a built-in user agent editor. The developer tools is available from Chrome 17 and newer.

Here’s how to change the user agent:

Open the Developer Tools (Windows and Linux Ctrl + Shift + I, on Mac it’s Cmd + Option + I). Open Setting icon at the bottom right corner. Check “override user agent” and select the “Android 2.3” or the desired browser.

If you would rather work with Firefox, there is a Firefox Extension: User Agent Switcher which can do the same thing.