Lily and Max’s Lunar Adventure: Chapter 8

Lily and Max were ready to return,
To their home planet, with much concern,
They said goodbye to their alien friend,
And hoped that their journey, would soon come to an end.

Lily and Max's Lunar Adventure: Chapter 8

They boarded their ship, and strapped themselves in,
As the countdown began, with a big grin,
They felt the engines rumble, and the ship shake,
As it lifted off, from the lunar landscape.

They soared through space, with a great speed,
Watching the stars, as they did indeed,
They saw the Earth grow bigger, in their sight,
As they approached it, with much delight.

The ship entered the atmosphere, with a great rush,
And the heat shields glowed, like a fiery blush,
They felt the G-forces, as the ship slowed,
And knew that their journey, was almost a goad.

The ship landed safely, with a big cheer,
As Lily and Max, shed a happy tear,
They knew that their adventure, was quite a feat,
And felt grateful for the experience, quite sweet.

They left the ship, and hugged their loved ones,
As they told them about their journey, quite tons,
They shared their discoveries, and their tales,
As they reminisced, about their moonlit trails.

Lily and Max knew that their adventure, was not the end,
And that there were more mysteries, to apprehend,
They looked forward to the future, with great glee,
And knew that their journey, was far from the flee.

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