Lily and Max’s Lunar Adventure: Chapter 7

As Lily and Max prepared to leave the moon,
A problem arose, which was quite a swoon,
Their ship’s engine had a malfunction,
And they needed a solution, quite a junction.

Lily and Max's Lunar Adventure: Chapter 7

The alien helped them troubleshoot,
To find the issue, which was quite a hoot,
They worked together, to fix the engine,
With tools and expertise, quite a binge.

They searched for spare parts, which were quite rare,
And worked with diligence, without a single scare,
They used their problem-solving skills,
To fix the engine, with all their wills.

They worked through the night, and into the day,
And finally fixed the engine, which was quite a way,
They felt relieved and proud, of their achievement,
And knew that their teamwork, was the key ingredient.

Lily and Max knew that problem-solving was key,
To their success, and their journey, quite a spree,
They learned that with determination and skill,
They could solve any problem, with much thrill.

Their adventure on the moon was quite a ride,
Full of wonder, awe, and pride,
They were grateful for the experience, quite grand,
And knew that their journey, was far from the end.

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