Lily and Max’s Lunar Adventure: Chapter 6

Lily and Max continued their adventure on the moon,
Exploring its wonders, like a grand balloon,
They saw the Earth rise, over the lunar horizon,
And felt a sense of awe, it was quite mesmerizin’.

Lily and Max's Lunar Adventure: Chapter 6

They saw moon rocks, and picked up a few,
Feeling their weight, as light as a dew,
They learned about moon dust, and its composition,
And how it was formed, through lunar attrition.

They saw the moon’s rilles, and its mountain range,
And its vast craters, which were quite strange,
They saw the lunar sunrise, and its pink hue,
And the lunar sunset, which was quite a view.

They saw the moon’s valleys, and its basins too,
And its lava flows, which were quite a woo,
They learned about the moon’s magnetic field,
And its lack of atmosphere, which was quite a yield.

They saw the moon’s shadows, and its reflections,
And its thermal properties, which were quite a perfection,
They saw the moon’s surface, in all its glory,
And felt a sense of pride, it was quite a story.

Lily and Max knew that the moon was special,
And felt grateful for their adventure, quite full,
They knew that there was more to explore,
And looked forward to their journey, with much more.

Their adventure on the moon was coming to an end,
But their love for space, it would always extend,
Lily and Max knew that the universe was vast,
And felt excited, for their future to be cast.

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