Lily and Max’s Lunar Adventure: Chapter 4

Lily and Max adjusted to life in space,
Their new home was amazing, a fascinating place,
The alien showed them around, and they explored,
Lily and Max were happy, they were never bored.

Lily and Max's Lunar Adventure: Chapter 4

They learned about living in zero gravity,
And how to move without any gravity,
They floated through the ship, with ease and grace,
Feeling like they were dancing in outer space.

They had to learn to eat, drink, and sleep,
In a different way, that felt quite unique,
They had to strap themselves into their seats,
And even sleep in bags, like little treats.

Lily and Max soon adapted to this new way of life,
Finding joy in even the smallest strife,
They helped the alien with tasks around the ship,
And soon found that living in space was quite hip.

They marveled at the view, looking out into space,
Seeing stars, planets, and comets, what a beautiful place,
They felt like they were part of something grand,
Living in space, it was just what they had planned.

The alien taught them about the technology,
And how it worked, with precision and velocity,
Lily and Max were fascinated, they wanted to know more,
And so, they asked questions, and listened, they did adore.

Their adventure in space was just beginning,
With so much to learn, and new wonders to be winning,
Lily and Max were happy, they were having fun,
Living in space, their journey had just begun.

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