Lily and Max’s Lunar Adventure: Chapter 3

Lily and Max sat eagerly in their seats,
Ready for their adventure, and all its treats,
The countdown began, and the engines roared,
The ship was shaking, but they weren’t bored.

Lily and Max's Lunar Adventure: Chapter 3

With a loud blast-off, they were up in the air,
Feeling the g-force, but without a single scare,
Lily and Max cheered and whooped with glee,
As they soared through the sky, they felt free.

The planet below grew smaller and smaller,
As they traveled higher, their excitement grew taller,
The stars shone bright, the universe was vast,
Lily and Max knew this adventure would be a blast.

The ship entered hyperspace, and they felt the surge,
Everything moved faster, but they felt no urge,
Lily and Max were amazed by the sights they could see,
The galaxy was full of wonders, and they were filled with glee.

As they traveled through space, they felt so alive,
Ready for the next adventure, ready to thrive,
Lily and Max were explorers, with no fear,
They were excited to see what would appear.

Their journey was just beginning, with so much to explore,
Lily and Max were ready for it all, and so much more,
The universe was vast, with endless sights to see,
And Lily and Max knew, they were living a dream, full of glee.

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