Lily and Max’s Lunar Adventure: Chapter 2

Lily and Max couldn’t believe their eyes,
As they traveled with their new alien friend in the skies,
The universe was vast, with endless wonders to behold,
Lily and Max were eager to explore, they were bold.

Lily and Max's Lunar Adventure: Chapter 2

The alien spoke in a language they didn’t know,
But with gestures and smiles, they were able to show,
That they were friendly and kind, with no need to fear,
Lily and Max knew they had nothing to be clear.

The alien showed them the wonders of the ship,
With buttons and screens and a special grip,
Lily and Max were amazed by all they could see,
The spaceship was a marvel, they were filled with glee.

They learned about the alien’s home planet,
And how they traveled through space without a comet,
Lily and Max were fascinated, they listened with care,
And asked questions about the alien’s life, they did dare.

The alien showed them the different foods they eat,
Some strange, some familiar, but all quite a treat,
Lily and Max tried them all, and to their delight,
They found them all tasty, and their appetite took flight.

As the journey continued, Lily and Max knew,
That this adventure was special, and they had a clue,
That their newfound friendship with the alien was true,
And that the universe was full of wonders, that much was due.

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