How to temporarily disable pipeline in Data Factory

Sadly you can’t temporarily disable pipeline in Data Factory. But depending on what you what to do there are other options. If you want to debug a specific activity you can use the red circle above it. It’ll now stop while debugging.

disable pipeline

You can also use this if you just want to disable a single activity in a pipeline. Move it to the end and add the debug red button. When the breakpoint it hit just stop the debug.

You could also do a clone of the whole pipeline and remove the activities you don’t need while doing your test.

If you want to prevent it from running a trigger simply remove the trigger on the pipeline.

There is sadly no way to disable an entire pipeline in Data Factory. There best way I found was using the branches and source control my way out of it. Remove all the pipelines I want to ‘disable’. And having it in code for later use.