How to create and connect to a Redis Server

To connect to a Redis Server with an URI. First you need to create your Redis Server. You can get a free trial and 300 credit on (no affiliation) There are plenty of other options out there. After login to the console you can create your service

In the list you’ll be able to select among a lot of different services like Apache Kafka, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch and more. Select Redis

Select Service Cloud Provider. It doesn’t matter for a hoppy project what you select. AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, DigitalOcean or UpCloud. If in doubt select the one you already are familiar with or the one you would like to know more about in the future.

Now select the Cloud Region that makes sense for you. In many cases it would make sense to take the one that is physical closest to you.

Almost finished with the creating. You select which kind plan you want to use. There are four different tier. Hobbyist, Startup, Business and Premium. For home testing take the Hobbyist, that’s the cheapest of the bounce.

Lastly provide a service name for you Redis server. The default name is fine but beware that you cannot change it afterwards.

Your new Redis service is being created.  While the service is being built, you can have a look at their documentation at Getting started with Aiven Redis. After a few minutes you should be able to see the Redis service has started up and the nodes are green

To get the connecting string select you Redis service. Here in the console you’ll be able to see your service URI.

  • Service URI: rediss://