How to add itslearning calendar to Google Calendar

You are able to get your itslearning courses and other meeting added to your Google Calendar by subscribing to itslearning calendar. First go to your itslearning site. It should be something like After you have logged in go to Calendar in the top menu.

Then at the far right, press the three dots and press subscribe.

Here you’ll get a popup message with the calendar address in the format of ical, this url is what we are going to use in Google Calendar afterwards. The popup states that you can use the following address to access your itslearning events and that’s what we are going to do. Now copy the url.

Now you should navigate to your Google Calendar. On the left side locate the “Other calendars” list and press the plus sign, notes that here I’ve already added the itslearning calendar and enabled it like you want as well.

After pressing the plus sign select from the dropdown the “From URL”.

This will open up the setting to add a new calendar from a URL. Now paste the URL you copy previous from itslearning in the URL of calendar input field. Finally press “Add calendar”.

Go back to Google Calendar main view or press the back button top left.

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Now you should be able to see your itslearning calendar in Google Calendar!