Eclipse failed, Java was started but returned exit code=-805306369

Eclipse suddenly started to hang when starting up around “Loading Workbench”. Eclipse stopped responding and you get the dialog to close the program.

The error shown afterwards:

“Java was started but returned exit code=-805306369”

If you are running java 1.6u21 then look at Eclipse Bug 319514 and The Oracle/Sun fix on Eclipse wiki site.

This however wasn’t the problem as I was running Java 1.6.0_31b05. Tried to uninstall and reinstall Java but no success. Tried to look through the plugins I was using but nothing.

The error was due to a corrupt workspace. As I disable the workspace check in the startup I couldn’t select another workspace since Eclipse wouldn’t start. Rename the workspace e.g. to “workspace1”. Eclipse will start and create a new uncorrupted workspace and work without any problems. Afterwards you can import your project into your new workspace and in the end remove the old corrupted workspace.