Eclipse Android Tag Should Specify A Target API Level

Android SDK Tools revision 17 warning about API Level running in API 15, this properly occur in previous versions as well.

Error: “Description Resource Path Location Type: <uses-sdk> tag should specify a target API level (the highest verified version; when running on later versions, compatibility behaviors may be enabled) with android:targetSdkVersion=”?” AndroidManifest.xml /inLogic line 7 Android Lint Problem.

The error message tells what to do to fix the problem. Add android:targetSdkVersion=”?”

<uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="15" android:targetSdkVersion="15"/>

You might have to clean your project to get the warning disappear. Go to Project -> Clean and select your project and click ok.

<uses-sdk> info: android:minSdkVersion An integer designating the minimum API Level required for the application to run. The Android system will prevent the user from installing the application if the system’s API Level is lower than the value specified in this attribute. You should always declare this attribute.

android:targetSdkVersionAn integer designating the API Level that the application targets. If not set, the default value equals that given to minSdkVersion.

This attribute informs the system that you have tested against the target version and the system should not enable any compatibility behaviors to maintain your app’s forward-compatibility with the target version. The application is still able to run on older versions (down to minSdkVersion).