Comprehensive LaTeX Reference Table: A Quick Guide for LaTeX Commands and Environments

To reference a table in LaTeX, you can use the \label{} and \ref{} commands. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Place the \label{} command inside the \caption{} command of the table you want to reference. For example:
    \caption{Example Table}
    % Table contents
  1. In the text where you want to reference the table, use the \ref{} command followed by the label you assigned to the table. For example:
As shown in Table \ref{tab:example}, ...

The \ref{} command will be replaced with the appropriate table number when the document is compiled. Make sure to compile your LaTeX document at least twice to ensure that the references are updated correctly.

Note: The label and reference mechanism can be used to reference other elements in LaTeX as well, such as figures, sections, equations, etc.