Use Small Icons On Your Start Menu In Windows

To switch to small icons, right-click in the Start menu, and then click “Properties“. Make sure the “Start Menu“ tab, and then click “Customize”. In Windows 7 and Windows Vista you scroll to the bottom of the list, clear the “Use large icons“ check box, and then click Ok. In Windows XP select “Small icons”, and then click Ok.

Google April Fools 2012

This year Google made a April Fools with Maps and a new Gmail alternativ app. Google offers it’s Maps on a variety of different systems. This time it has come to Nintendo Entertainment System. Begin your quest with Google Maps 8-bit for NES. In our pursuit of new digital frontiers, we realized that we may have

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HTML editor for Eclipse

Eclipse Classic (current version 3.7.2) does not come with HTML editor by default. If you installed Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers it comes with the Web Tools Platform preinstalled. The HTML editor is called Web Page Editor and it can easily be installed if you got Eclipse Classic. To install the Eclipse Web Page editor go

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