How to docker compose redeploy

docker compose up is used to spin up your docker-compose file. There is no compose redeploy The way to redeploy after some changes you either stop or do a Compose redeploy To redeploy you have to rebuild your solution. You use the build command. If you have multiple docker image and don’t want to redeploy

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How to fix Publishing error on Data Factory

Publishing error Error while publishing: At least one resource deployment operation failed. Please list deployment operations for details. Please see for usage details. Publishing error. Publish failed due to invalid references. View details for more information Details. Publishing error remove unused Linked services There are multiple things that needs to be checked. Go through each

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How to get copyright free images

You should always use copyright free images in your articles. Here’s how you can easily do it with Google when searching for images. Type in your search term. Press the Tools button the right then press the Usage Rights dropdown menu and select “Creative Commons Licenses”. “A Creative Commons (CC) license is one of

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How to get file from path for minimal API

When working on minimal api, we can’t use the Image.FromFile() in minimal API. It doesn’t work because it has been remove. But there is another way. You can use Results.File to return file to download from your Minimal APIs handler: The FileInfo is only to make sure we get the correct working path