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Xcode Can’t Ignore UserInterfaceState.xcuserstate

Running version control in Xcode can give some troubles when setting up in an existing project. Having an existing project added to a new Git repository the Xcode keep saying UserInterfaceState.xcuserstate has changes. The working copy “helloworld” has uncommitted changes. Commit

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DerivedData for Xcode 4.5

When updating Xcode to 4.5 the DerivedData has disappear it seems. Though it has just been moved to another location. Now it’s at: ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/— You can find the location in Xcode 4.5 by looking at Preferences->Location. This shows where your Derived

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Xcode Toggle between header and main file

The shortcuts has changed a bit in each Xcode. In Xcode 4.0 and up the shortcut for toggling between your main and header files are, the .h and .m files: Ctrl + Cmd + [arrow up or down]

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Xcode Could Not Launch App No Such File Or Directory Error

Developing in Xcode can give a lot of different errors. Here’s yet another one: Could not launch app – No such file or directory. Then a path to Users/App/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/etc… Running into this problem on multiple occasions there have been two solutions

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Xcode Use Image On UINavigationbar

You can set an image to the UINavigationbar in Xcode for iPhone like this: UINavigationBar *navBar = [[self navigationController] navigationBar]; UIImage *backgroundImage = [UIImage imageNamed:@”nav-bar-background-normal”]; [navBar setBackgroundImage:backgroundImage forBarMetrics:UIBarMetricsDefault]; Works from iOS 5 and up.

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Xcode background-568h@2x.png Not Working

background-568h@2x.png does not work! This is intended, sadly. It’s worth noting that [UIImage imageNamed:@”background.png”] will still only load either “background.png” or “background@2x.png”, it will not load “background-568h@2x.png” if it exists. To get a background use a proper size for iPhone 5,

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Xcode Develop Apps For iPhone 5 Screen Resolution

Developing for iPhone 5 screen resolution isn’t very obvious and there is (for now) no good official documentation about how to be compatible with the new 1136×640 size. There are a few steps to take before you are iPhone 5 compatible. First Download and

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Xcode Create Git Repository From Existing Project

Creating git repository for you existing xcode project can be done as follow: Use the cdcommand to switch to your project directory, making it the current working directory. Enter git init to create an empty repository. Enter git add . to copy your project files

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Xcode Create SVN Repository From Existing Project

Creating repository for your xcode project can be a pain if you didn’t do it when you first created the project. It is possible with some command-line commands. The steps are as follow: Use the mkdircommand to create a directory with

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Xcode Add iPhone 5 Dimension?

If you want to add iPhone 5 dimension remember to update to the newest iOS 6 sdk. When you compile you might run into this error first, Xcode Missing Retina 4 Launch Image. To enable your apps to work with iPhone

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