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Plex on Synology “failed to run the package service”

Got following message from Plex “failed to run the package service” when installing and trying to run it. I had missed adding certificate key. There’s a good tutorial here at plex The public key that needs to be added in

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Synology Not Able To Upload File

Had this problem where Synology Diskstation did not allow to upload a file from the File Station. When pressing the upload button nothing happened. Same in all major browsers. It turned out Java needed to be updated and it apparently

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Synology Create a Shared Folder

Creating shared folder on the Synology Disk Station: Log in to your Synology Station either via web or the Synology¬†Assistants. Open File Explorer and press “Create Shared Folder” on the top left of the window. For more information take a

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Samsung TV Stop Playing After Pausing From Synology

When playing a video or music via DLNA from Synology NAS the Samsung TV stop and steps to the next file if you have paused it for 30sec or more. People are talking about this “feature” on synology forums:¬†Error when

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Synology Play Video

To play a video when logged into your Synology DiskStation the easiest way is to install VLC. How to play: Go the folder where the video is Right-click the video and select play The video will start, using the vlc

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Synology DiskStation Extracting r00 r01 r02

You can extract zip and rar files in Synology DiskStation DSM. However if you have multipart archived files like r00, r01, r02 etc. you will run into not being able to extract the files. The reason is simply that it

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Synology Diskstation Media Server Folders

To add add folders on other volumes to media server in your Synology DiskStation to go the control panel. Open Media Server and select the tab “Indexed folder” and add your folder. This was added for DSM 3.2. If you

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