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Windows No Internet After Resume Hibernate

If you are switching between cabled and wireless internet connection you might run into this issue when hibernation in between. The wireless is disabled when hibernating when having internet cable plugged in. When you start up without internet cable the wireless

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Mac Map Windows Network Drive

To map a windows network drive in Mac open up Finder. Go to the mene Go -> Connect to Server.. or press Cmd + K Enter the path to the network drive: “smb://<servername>/<share> Replace <servername> and <share> It will now

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Change The Priority Of Wired/Wireless Network Cards In Windows

Windows should priorities the wired network over wireless, however this is not always the case. Whether it’s due to when the network is created is unsure. To force Windows to always pick the wired as default over wireless it set in

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Windows 7 Network Drive Available Offline

To make a folder or file available offline in Windows 7, navigate to the folder and right click the folder or file and then click Always Available Offline It’ll load for a few seconds or minutes depending on the size.

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Linux Network Management disabled after reboot

Problem: Network Management was disabled after a reboot and no way to enabled it again via GUI on task list (it were running). The issue was caused by NetworkEnabled=false. Use an editor, kate, gedit or similar. sudo kate /var/lib/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.state Change the

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Search Social Networks For A Brand Name

When looking for a brand name there are different tools to help. One is to search the social networks for used brand name http://knowem.com/. Knowem.com is a way to search social networks to monitor your brand. “KnowEm was developed to assist everyone

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