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Code sign wants to sign using key Allow button not working

A rather stupid error without any indication on what’s wrong. The button Allow always and Allow doesnt work for “Code sign wants to sign using key”. You can press it but does not do anything and the system doesn’t say

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Mac No Display On Targus DisplayLink

Updated to Yosemite, now on 10.10.1 and the external display disappeared. It’s running through a targus dockingstation displaylink. There is multiple post about the issue on dipslayLink forum, some users got it to work: http://www.displaylink.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=30/ Tried both running the lastest DisplayLink

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Reset Mac Failed

Was going to hard reset a MacBook Air from 2010, the issue could probably happen on all Mac though. This is what was done: So by holding down the alt-key (option-key) and the powerbutton while the mac is shut down

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No Sound After Sleep On Mac

This problem started occurring around 10.9.0, might have been in earlier version too, but it still exist now in 10.9.2. The sound disappear on the mac after you wake it from sleep mode, but it’s not consistent, there can go

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Mac Default Open Skype At Startup

From Skype 2.7 on Mac the startup has changed. It used the general system startup settings rather then a separate preferences for Skype. This means you can’t set it in the Skype preferences. To set Skype to open at startup Ctrl+click

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iTunes Reject Binary Upload

When you upload your binary to iTunes after distribution your app in Xcode, you might have found a mistake and want to delete and upload a new binary. This is possible in iTunes. iTunes Connect -> Manage Your Applications ->

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Mac Show Image Dimension

Mac does not display file information by default. You can change this so it will show the image dimension in Finder, Windows and Desktop. In Finder go to the menu View -> Show View Option or press Cmd + J.

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Mac Invert Colors

You can invert the colors on a mac by holding down the following keys: Control + Alt + Ctrl + 8

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Check If Your Apple Device ID Was Compromised

Mashable acticle quote: “A hacker group called AntiSec said it has compromised 12 million Apple iOS Unique Device IDs (UDIDs) and personal information from Apple product owners — and there’s a good chance your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch devices could be at risk.” Link

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How To Find Your Apple Device UDID

You can find your Apple Device UDID by opening up iTunes and select your device under the menu Devices. Now in the panel under iPhone/iPad/etc press the “Serial Number: xxx” and it’ll switch to showing your UDID instead. Identifier (UDID):

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