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Eclipse ADT rev 22 Crashes My App

It was one of those days, you realize there is an update and you think, yeah sure, what can go wrong. So the problem at hand. Running Eclipse (Juno, version shouldn’t matter) with ADT, Android Development Tools, and you updated the

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Eclipse Java TODO Comments

Use TODO comments for code that is temporary, a short-term solution, or good-enough but not perfect. TODOs should include the string TODO in all caps, followed by a colon: // TODO: Remove this code after the UrlTable2 has been checked

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Java Parse String To Integer

The simplest way to parse a string in e.g. Java or Android to an integer is using the parseint String myString = “42”; int number = Integer.parseInt(myString); Note that you will need to catch the the exception NumberFormatException in case the string

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Eclipse failed, Java was started but returned exit code=-805306369

Eclipse suddenly started to hang when starting up around “Loading Workbench”. Eclipse stopped responding and you get the dialog to close the program. The error shown afterwards: “Java was started but returned exit code=-805306369” If you are running java 1.6u21 then

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