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Code sign wants to sign using key Allow button not working

A rather stupid error without any indication on what’s wrong. The button Allow always and Allow doesnt work for “Code sign wants to sign using key”. You can press it but does not do anything and the system doesn’t say

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iOS 7 Navigation Bar Appear Over The Views

A lot of elements has changed in iOS7, they have introduced new properties that lets you adjust the layout behavior as in previous versions of iOS. The Navigation Bar appears over the views now because a default setting has changed,

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Unable To Update to iOS 6.0

Unable to update iOS 6.0 software can occurred because of severals issues. Either Apples server are busy or bad network while you’re on OTA (Wireless Communication). Software Update Failed. An Error occurred downloading iOS 6. You can try to update

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Xcode Terminating App Due To Uncaught Exception ‘NSUnknownKeyException’

When running iOS in Xcode you might run into this error: Terminating App Due To Uncaught Exception ‘NSUnknownKeyException’ To fix this go to iOS Simulator > Reset Content and Setting

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iOS Development Error: No identities are available for signing

When trying to publish an iOS app to app store the following error came when running the validate. “Choose an application record and an identity to sign with: No identities are available for signing” Now by searching the iOS Developer

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