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Remove A Saved Password In Google Chrome

To remove a saved password in Google Chrome click the wrench icon which appears to the right of the address bar. In the drop down select “Settings”. On the left menu “Settings” should be active. Now click “Show advanced settings…” in the

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Google Music Your Browser’s Cookie Functionality Is Turned Off. Please Turn It On.

You might have heard you can activate your Google Music for you Google account, this is partly correct, and the typical solution is going to by going through the but you might run into this error: Your browser’s

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Add, Remove Or Change Credit Card From Android Google Play

To add or remove a credit card from Google Play for your Android phone you sign into your account at Select Payment Methods Here you can add a new credit card by pressing “New Card” Remove a card by locating the

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Ignore Yourself In Google Analytics

When running Google Analytics you might want to exclude yourself from the statistics reports. When you use Google Analytics to track visitor statistics on your website, you can setup so it exclude it from yourself, this can be your computer or network. This will

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Google Doodle Pacman

You can watch all Google old Doodle on Also Google own version of Pacman is still available.

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