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Eclipse Find/Search In Project

To search in your project in Eclipse do the following: Ctrl + H Choose File Search for plain text in project. Choose the relevant tab for a specific expression searches.

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Eclipse Exported Activity Does Not Require Permission

Ran into this error when running Android application in Eclipse while upgrading SDK to version 20 “exported activity does not require permission” A Project > Clean fixed the error. If this didn’t work try take a look at this issue on

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Eclipse Failed To Create BuildConfig Class

This error “Failed to create BuildConfig Class” occurred when switching workspace. To fix it Clean the project and your project will compile without this error. Go to the menu Project -> Clean…

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Eclipse Remove Plugin

To to remove goto Help -> About Eclispe SDK -> Installation Details and select the feature you want to remove. More info: You should not remove plug-ins from Eclipse. Plug-ins should be installed as features using the Update Manager. The same Update

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Eclipse Android Java Calendar Start Week On Monday Or Sunday

When using the Calendar class in Android Java the default start of the week is Sunday. To change this use the following function setFirstDayOfWeek Calendar cal; cal.setCalendar(Calendar.getInstance()); cal.setFirstDayOfWeek(Calendar.MONDAY); cal.getInstance() set it to the current date. setFirstDayOfWeek takes an integer. Calendar.MONDAY is

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Eclipse Missing Window In Perspective

When running Eclipse or the Motodev Studio you may find yourself missing some windows when in either Java, DDMS, Debug, Team Synchronizing or the other perspectives. Being it the LogCat, Devices, Package Explorer etc. You might have closed it by

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Android Thread Updates Not Enabled For Selected Client Use Toolbar Button To Enable

In the DDMS in Eclipse Android you can get this error when you want to see the threads. “Thread updates not enabled for selected client (use toolbar button to enable)” This can easily be fixed by pressing the thread icon button in

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Eclipse +++ LOG: Entry Corrupt Or Truncated

When developing in Eclipse you might run into this error when using logging. In this case Java while developing for Andorid. “+++ LOG: entry corrupt or truncated” First thing to test is if you’re running First thing to test is

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Capture An Image Of An Android Screen

If you want the get a screenshot on your Android mobile you can do that simply by holding down the power + volume down button for one second. In Eclipse to capturing an image from your Android device or simulator

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Eclipse Android Error Conversion To Dalvik Format Failed: Unable To Execute Dex: Null

After connecting Eclipse Android project up to Team Foundation Server the application the following error occurred: Conversion to Dalvik format failed: Unable to execute dex: null After doing a Project -> Clean the problem got solved. If this does not solve

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