Mac Tips and Tricks

Mac Map Windows Network Drive

To map a windows network drive in Mac open up Finder. Go to the mene Go -> Connect to Server.. or press Cmd + K Enter the path to the network drive: “smb://<servername>/<share> Replace <servername> and <share> It will now try to connect and ask for user account if this is required. Fill in Name […]

Tips and Tricks Windows

Windows 7 Network Drive Available Offline

To make a folder or file available offline in Windows 7, navigate to the folder and right click the folder or file and then click Always Available Offline It’ll load for a few seconds or minutes depending on the size. Now you’ll be able to access it while you aren’t connected to the network. When […]

Linux Tips and Tricks

Linux Automount Hard Drives

Desired: Need to mount drive when booting up Linux distribution, Ubuntu, Kubuntu or similar. TheĀ GUI program psydm can help with this. Install if it aren’t and then run it in the terminal sudo apt-get install pysdm && sudo pysdm Add the drives that you want to mount when booting up. Reboot to see if you […]