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Xcode RGB Color Code

When designing in xib files in Xcode you might want to use RGB colors, which can be hard to find. It is possible you just have to know where to look. Select the item you want to set the color

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Change Color In Command Prompt

Changing the color in Command Prompt can be done with a single command. The color command makes it easy to quickly change the default background and text color. Works in Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8. color [attr] Write color

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Android Java Color From Hexadecimal Color String

To get a Color from a hexadecimal to a color you can use the parseColor public static int parseColor (String colorString) And to use it remember the # character Color.parseColor(“#636161”);

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Android SetTextColor From Colors

When setting the colors for e.g. a TextView you can use the settextcolor from either a color or resource. void android.widget.TextView.setTextColor(int color) public void setTextColor (int color) Sets the text color for all the states (normal, selected, focused) to be

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