Android Package org.junit Does Not Exist

Ran into this error when importing an Android into Android Studio. In this case ActionbarSherlock

java: C:\..\Android\SherlockActionbar\test\com\actionbarsherlock\internal\ package org.junit does not exist
... package org.hamcrest does not exist
... static import only from classes and interfaces

Turned out the “test” folder was included. Remove the “test “folder with the package “com.actionbarsherlock.internal” and file ManifestParsingTest

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Git tf Path Already Mapped

Running with Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server with different projects in the DefaultCollection. Using the great tool called Git-TF you can pull and work with git while still having tfs as your default vcs. E.g. Xcode can’t connect to tfs so pulling to a git and running your Xcode project from the git repository you can still use collect to your tfs.

Android Studio comes with Git, gitHub, Mercurial and Subversion but no tfs. But you can use git-tf to do the trick. The issue you might hit is the following when trying to checkin your commits with git tf.

git-tf checkin
git-tf: The Path D:\workspace\Android\.git\tf\.. is already mapped in the workspace.

This was on a PC with MS Visual Studio already running from tfs, the problem was due to the folder was mapped in Visual Studio, after removing the mapping you can checkin your commits successfully.

Eclipse ADT rev 22 Crashes My App

It was one of those days, you realize there is an update and you think, yeah sure, what can go wrong.


So the problem at hand. Running Eclipse (Juno, version shouldn’t matter) with ADT, Android Development Tools, and you updated the ADT to rev 22. You’ll get numerous errors if you’re very unlucky.  When you run your app it’ll failed and the logcat showing errors. The main error:


The .classpath file will also have changed.


– Right-click your project -> Properties ->  Java Build Path > Order and Export tab

– Check the “Android Private Libraries”

– Then “Project -> Clean”

Note if it doesn’t work: Depending on the situation, some have reported they needed to checked everything in “Order and Export tab”

Thank to the error fix from Google plus comments:

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Netflix US Content Outside Of The US

There are many ways to watch Netflix unblock, hidemyass, Tunnelbear and more. You can however watch US Netflix without paying and alter your DNS. The only downside is that you have to use your PC to watch the US content since this solution is an extension for your browser. You don’t have to create US account, address, Paypal, alter your routers dns, setup VPN etc. All you need is your payed local Netflix account like in Canada, Finland, Denmark, Australia or another country.

[Update: You can use Android devices as well, which is awesome. Go install “Hola Accelerator & Unblocker” on your device. ]

The extension is called Hola Unblocker and it makes the process very easy, you don’t have to reboot, setup or changed anything in your browser/router etc. The extension also works for other US services like Hulu, Pandora, BBC iPlayer, iTV Player, CBS and Fox.

Here’s what to do:

Select the browser you’re running and install the extension. It’ll open a new tab showing which sites you want to unblock, make sure Netflix is checked.


That’s it! Go to It’ll tell you that you are out traveling and have access to the library in the specific country, in this case the US. To switch back and forth between your local content and US open the extension, the flaming smile and (un)check the Sites unblocked.



Enjoy your local and the US movies and TV series! [Added: Remember you can use Netflix on your Android device as well now]

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Xcode Can’t Ignore UserInterfaceState.xcuserstate

Running version control in Xcode can give some troubles when setting up in an existing project. Having an existing project added to a new Git repository the Xcode keep saying UserInterfaceState.xcuserstate has changes.

The working copy “helloworld” has uncommitted changes. Commit or discard the changes and try again.


Committing the changes doesn’t help as it keep saying there is uncommitted changes.


You want Git to ignore the file, you can add it to the .gitignore file, but you have to remove the tracking. To stop tracking a file that is currently tracked, use git rm –cached.

git rm --cached ProjectFolder.xcodeproj/project.xcworkspace/xcuserdata/myUserName.xcuserdatad/UserInterfaceState.xcuserstate
git commit -m "Removed file that shouldn't be tracked"

Afterwards the .gitignore will take effect of UserInterfaceState.xcuserstate

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Xamarin Application Could Not Be Started

Encounter this error today while using Xamarin.

The application could not be started. Ensure that the application has been installed to the target device and has a launchable activity (MainLauncher = true). Additionally, check Build -> Configuration Manager to ensure this project is set to Deploy for this configuration.



The setup was as follow: Using the Xamarin plugin for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 in Windows 8, debugging on a Galaxy Nexus. The problem started when switching to a Nexus 7. Problem stayed when going back to the mobile, which doesn’t make much sense as nothing else has changed manually.

However, to solve it, open Build -> Configuration Manager



Check Deploy on your project. Now Run your application again and the issue should have been resolved.

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Mac Default Open Skype At Startup

From Skype 2.7 on Mac the startup has changed. It used the general system startup settings rather then a separate preferences for Skype. This means you can’t set it in the Skype preferences.

To set Skype to open at startup Ctrl+click on the Skype icon in the Dock and check the “Open at Login” under Option.

To stop Skype from opening at startup follow the same instructing and make sure you uncheck the “Open at Login“.

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Android Failed to convert drawable/ic_launcher into a drawable

Eclipse comes with some hiccup now and then when developing for Android. This error occurred after creating a new project and opening the layout xml file.

Failed to convert @drawable/picture into a drawable

This is not an error in your code but some strange issue in Eclipse. Restart Eclipse (unfortunately) and the problem will go away.

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Android Wifi and Bluetooth Toggle

The buttons for bluetooth and wifi in the Quick Settings Toggles in Android is not a toggle, it will open the menu in settings for either bluetooth or wifi. However in the newly release version of Android, 4.2.2 you can do a long press to toggle the options.




For more information and features: wiki


Android TextView Strike

To make a strike in your TextView in Android use the setPaintFlags like this:

TextView tv=(TextView) v.findViewById(;
tv.setPaintFlags(tv.getPaintFlags() | Paint.STRIKE_THRU_TEXT_FLAG);

If you’re using Html.fromHtml to set the text you can’t unfortunately use the <strike> as this is not supported for Android at this moment (in Jelly Bean).

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