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iOS Development Error: No identities are available for signing

When trying to publish an iOS app to app store the following error came when running the validate. “Choose an application record and an identity to sign with: No identities are available for signing” Now by searching the iOS Developer Library, guides and stackoverflow the problem could be several different things. However in this case […]

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Eclipse failed, Java was started but returned exit code=-805306369

Eclipse suddenly started to hang when starting up around “Loading Workbench”. Eclipse stopped responding and you get the dialog to close the program. The error shown afterwards: “Java was started but returned exit code=-805306369” If you are running¬†java 1.6u21 then look at Eclipse Bug 319514¬†and The Oracle/Sun fix on Eclipse wiki site. This however wasn’t […]

Android ErrorFix

Dreamweaver is unable to open PhoneGap in the emulator

“Dreamweaver is unable to open “PhoneGap” in the emulator. Please consult the buildlog at C:\Users\$name\Desktop\myapp.app_Android\buildlog.log for additional details.” Building PhoneGap application with Dreamweaver is fairly easy. PhoneGap app are build with HTML, CSS and Javascript. It can be created with any IDE or text editor, yes even vi on Linux. Adobe has made this possible […]