Month: July 2012

Windows 8 Visual Studio PerfWatson

This is the message you get after Microsoft Visual Studio crashs, this was due to hibernating Windows 8 without closing Visual Studio down first. “Visual Studio has been unresponsive for longer than two seconds.” For more information on this go

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Windows 8 Enable Hibernate

To enable Windows 8 Hibernation option, click battery icon in system tray and then select “More power options.” Select “Choose what the Power buttons do” Select “Change settings that are currently unavailable”. Check Show Hibernate option to enable and click

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Samsung TV Stop Playing After Pausing From Synology

When playing a video or music via DLNA from Synology NAS the Samsung TV stop and steps to the next file if you have paused it for 30sec or more. People are talking about this “feature” on synology forums: Error when

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To compare to string in like many other language you can’t just use the equal sign = You have to use the .equal() function Dim firstString As String = “test” Dim secondString As String = “test” If (firstString.Equals(secondString)) Then ‘

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Xcode Create Launcher Image

iPhone app got a launcher image to fool the users to think the app starts very quickly. To create this launch image can be create from the Organizer from Xcode. Open Xcode and go to menu Window -> Organizer or

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Eclipse Failed To Create BuildConfig Class

This error “Failed to create BuildConfig Class” occurred when switching workspace. To fix it Clean the project and your project will compile without this error. Go to the menu Project -> Clean…

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Mac Stop The Automatic Dimming Of The Screens Brightness

Mac’s brightness is set to automatically  dim and adjust the brightness in different situations. This is however very annoying sometimes when having multiple external screen connected, then the mac screen will dim itself. To remove this unwanted feature go to

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Chrome Enabling Translate Option

To enable or disable the toolbar in Chrome to translate a page into, say English, you can do the following. You might have selected never translate anything, but now wants it back. Do the following: Click the wrench icon  on the

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Xcode Can’t Remove SplashScreen

In Xcode after doing a ScreenShot in Organizer and pressing “Save as Launch Image” the image does not appear in the Groups and Files / project files. The file do however exist in the project folder if you navigate to

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Xcode Failed To Send The qLaunchSuccess Packet

This error is similar to bootstrap server error. Sometimes Xcode broks privileges or a hung debugger process. The error: Error: Failed to Launch ‘/Users/Developer/Xcode/Derivered/…’ — failed to send the qLaunchSuccess packet. Uninstall your app on the iPhone Restart the iPhone

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