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Eclipse Android Java Calendar Start Week On Monday Or Sunday

When using the Calendar class in Android Java the default start of the week is Sunday. To change this use the following function setFirstDayOfWeek Calendar cal; cal.setCalendar(Calendar.getInstance()); cal.setFirstDayOfWeek(Calendar.MONDAY); cal.getInstance() set it to the current date. setFirstDayOfWeek takes an integer. Calendar.MONDAY is

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Eclipse Missing Window In Perspective

When running Eclipse or the Motodev Studio you may find yourself missing some windows when in either Java, DDMS, Debug, Team Synchronizing or the other perspectives. Being it the LogCat, Devices, Package Explorer etc. You might have closed it by

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Android Thread Updates Not Enabled For Selected Client Use Toolbar Button To Enable

In the DDMS in Eclipse Android you can get this error when you want to see the threads. “Thread updates not enabled for selected client (use toolbar button to enable)” This can easily be fixed by pressing the thread icon button in

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Linux GRUB2 Failing Loading Disk After Forced Reboot

Problem: After a forced reboot because it froze the linux partition won’t mount. “An error occurred while accessing ‘Volume (ext3)’, the system responded: org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.Volume.UnknownFailure: mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda5. missing codepage or helper program, or

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Linux Make video_ts To .iso File

To convert a video file to .iso. “mkisofs” is the key. mkisofs -dvd-video -o ~/moviename.iso /path/todvd/filesystem/ This line will make a moviename.iso in the home folder which can then easily be burnt or mounted.

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Eclipse Android The Import Is Never Used

When coding you frequently remove unnecessary code and run into this warning for Android in Eclipse or Motodev. The import * is never used. “The import android.util.Log is never used” You can do two things to resolve this error, go to the

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Eclipse Android Error Cannot Be Resolved To A Type

When using new functions in Eclipse you will run into this problem before you import the needed class. E.g. “Log cannot be resolved”, “TextView cannot be resolved to a type” or something like This cannot be resolved to a type. If

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Alter SQL in “Edit Top 200 Rows” in SSMS

To change the “Edit top 200 Rows” in SSMS, Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, there are two options, either use the sql edit or change the popup options. Right click the results and select Pane -> SQL, this will show

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Eclipse +++ LOG: Entry Corrupt Or Truncated

When developing in Eclipse you might run into this error when using logging. In this case Java while developing for Andorid. “+++ LOG: entry corrupt or truncated” First thing to test is if you’re running First thing to test is

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Mac Show Hidden Files And Folders In Finder

To enable hidden folder and files in Finder do the following: Open the Terminal Copy, paste and run the following defaults write com apple Finder AppleShowAllFiles YES Now open or reopen Finder, you should now be able to see the

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