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International Space Station Space Exploration, Happy New Year

NASA Television shares this inspiring production by Italian videomaker, Giacomo Sardelli, about the International Space Station, its inhabitants, and its role in space exploration. Sardelli writes of the video, “I’m not the first one to use NASA’s pictures taken from

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Windows Phone 8 Emulator Can’t Start

Windows Phone 8 SDK can be installed from here: Running your project your might run into this error while trying to run the emulator: “Can’t start the Windows Phone Emulator. The Windows Phone Emulator couldn’t start because the hypervisor isn’t

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

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DerivedData for Xcode 4.5

When updating Xcode to 4.5 the DerivedData has disappear it seems. Though it has just been moved to another location. Now it’s at: ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/— You can find the location in Xcode 4.5 by looking at Preferences->Location. This shows where your Derived

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Remove A Saved Password In Google Chrome

To remove a saved password in Google Chrome click the wrench icon which appears to the right of the address bar. In the drop down select “Settings”. On the left menu “Settings” should be active. Now click “Show advanced settings…” in the

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Eclipse Find/Search In Project

To search in your project in Eclipse do the following: Ctrl + H Choose File Search for plain text in project. Choose the relevant tab for a specific expression searches.

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Photoshop Save As .ico

It is not possible to save as an .ico format in Photoshop. You can install a third party extension which then can do it, but many of these cost money. Only for a very small feature. A way to work

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Xcode Toggle between header and main file

The shortcuts has changed a bit in each Xcode. In Xcode 4.0 and up the shortcut for toggling between your main and header files are, the .h and .m files: Ctrl + Cmd + [arrow up or down]

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Android Set EditText Cursor Color

To set the EditText in Android you first need to set the textCursorDrawable to null. This is needed for Android 3.2 and up. android:textCursorDrawable=”@null” Setting this will result in the cursor color will be set to the textColor android:textColor  

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Visual Basic .NET Operator ! From C#

The C# operator ! is equivalent with the Visual Basic .NET “Not” operator In C# you can use the operation like this bool Var = true; Var = !Var And for Visual Basic .NET Dim Var As Boolean = True

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